Overwhelmed by everything that’s happening in your life?

It’s not the stuff that’s getting to you, it’s how you’re reacting to the stuff!

I help women like you make the rest of their lives the best of their lives–one choice at a time.

With the right tools, you can interrupt old, negative thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you from living your best life. You can decide what to think and how to feel. Yes, YOU get to choose to feel better!

Your new choices will have you mindfully responding to life’s circumstances instead of habitually reacting to them. Old patterns will be interrupted as you introduce new ones that align with the amazing life you imagine for yourself. Soon enough, you’ll be different without having to remember to be different!

You can design a life with less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Increased energy and improved health. More patience and deeper compassion. Enhanced confidence and intentional self care. Build your days on a foundation of purpose, gratitude and joy. Make NOW the best time of your life.

I’ve been where you are and I can help!

Hi there, I’m Tracy. A certified life and health coach, bestselling author and energetic fifty-something dedicated to helping you create a life that you’re excited to live.

I was skeptical of life coaching until I developed anxiety and experienced dangerous blood pressure spikes that put me at risk for a stroke. I was allowing life to control me, instead of me controlling my life. Determined to find a solution, I looked inside instead of outside. I learned how to choose my thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and created a new, calmer, more positive life for myself.

I was so amazed by the result that I became a life and health coach myself! Now I’m sharing the techniques that worked for me with women like you. I’ve seen incredible transformations in my clients, and the next one could be yours! Are you in?

Check out some of my healthy lifestyle advice on my blog and in Prime Women magazine.

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With the right focus, the right method, and the right tools, you can QUICKLY and HAPPILY build the life you imagine for yourself—one choice at a time.

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