The tools you need to design a life you love (fast!)—without stress or overwhelm!
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You really want something better for yourself—or something different. 

You might not know what that is yet, but you’re 100% sure you need it. And that's bringing up some uncomfortable feelings and questions that just won't stop!  

Maybe guilt has you thinking: 

shouldn’t be feeling this way. My life is pretty good (most of the time), but I’m not really excited about it anymore.  

Or doubt has you telling yourself: 

I’m too old to change. Besides, I have no idea how I’d do it. 

Fear keeps nagging at you, making you ask: 

What if I fail at whatever I try? What will everyone think?  

That's totally understandable! You’d rather avoid embarrassment, right?  

All of your midlife feelings and questions have you confused and overwhelmed.  

So you don't do anything. Or you try things that don’t work.

Or you overeat, overwork, overspend, drink too much, binge watch TV, or whatever it is you do to avoid facing the feelings, finding answers to the questions and taking action. 

That leaves you stuck in the life you have, instead of enjoying a life you love.  

Then frustration creeps in. You keep telling yourself: 

I’ve worked really hard to get this far. It feels like things should be better and I should enjoy my life more. Is this as good as it’s going to get?  

“Too” much thinking convinces you that the life you have now is as good as it’s going to get!   When you’re stressed, stuck, overwhelmed or unsatisfied, it’s easy to think:  

“It’s too late to change my life.”  

“I’m too set in my ways.” 

“I’m too old to learn new things.”  

“It’ll be too hard.” 

“It’ll take too much time.” 

Every day that you put off doing something productive to get yourself out of the rut, your belief that you can create a better life for yourself sinks even further. 

Another day of your life goes by, and time ticks away.   

I get it! Because I've been exactly where you are.  

But you can fix your life—fast!

to create a life you love by using  proven tools and strategies (because who wants to keep trying things that don’t work?)

to do it quickly (because who wants to wait to make the rest of their life the best of their life?)

to work with all of the questions and feelings and make the changes you deserve (because enough already!)

The tools you need to design a life you love (fast!)—without stress or overwhelm!

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Imagine yourself a few short weeks from now...
Looking forward to every day, feeling positive and motivated. Your life is calmer. Your mind is more at ease. You’ve learned how to work with your midlife feelings and found answers your questions.
You’ve dropped bad habits you didn’t know you had—and even a couple that you did!
You look back with pride at how far you’ve come (so fast!). You made your wellbeing a priority, so you have more energy to give to others you care about.
You even like yourself more! Your new routines no longer feel like things you have to do—they’re feeling more like who you are.
You’re clear about what you want and you’re sure you’re going to get it—because you’re creating a life you love with every little choice you make.

Stop sabotaging yourself in ways you might not even realize?

▶ Control anxiety, stress and worry, instead of letting them control you?

Boost your confidence and demolish self-doubt?

▶ Break destructive habits and practice better ones?

Create a routine of self-care that you deserve?

Accept and appreciate yourself more?

  • You feel like you’ve tried all the things —from self-help books and yoga classes, to positive affirmations and gratitude journals—but you haven’t gotten the results you want.

  • You’ve gotten some results on your own, but the big, lasting change you’ve been hoping for just hasn’t happened.

  • You realize another year has gone by while you numbly checked things off of your never-ending to-do list, did everything for everyone else, and wasted most of your “me” time watching TV or scrolling social media and feeling unfulfilled.

  • You don’t have any more time or money to waste on things that aren’t working, like the empty journals you promised yourself you’d use, or those unread self-help books that are collecting dust.

 The tools you need to design a life you love (fast!)—without stress or overwhelm!




The Midlife Design Suite 

is 100% doable!

Even if...  

  • You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.
  • You haven’t tried anything.
  • You don’t know what a life you love even looks like (yet!).




No matter where

you're coming from...


If you're ready to make the changes you deserve in your life (without stress or overwhelm), the proven tools in The Midlife Design Suite WILL WORK FOR YOU!

 “I tried everything to get my life on the track I wanted, but nothing really worked. I got so frustrated that gave up for a long time. The Midlife Design Suite helped me understand why everything I tried before didn’t work. The best part is that it helped me figure out how to make changes I never thought I could. Tracy shows you exactly how you can make your life better and gives you the tools to do it. It’s happening for me!” —Leona J 

The tools you need to design a life you love (fast!)—without stress or overwhelm!

NO hours-long lectures.

NO inch-thick workbooks.
NO information overload.
You don’t need more information! You need the RIGHT information and the RIGHT tools to get results as QUICKLY as possible.
Yes! I want The Midlife Design Suite now!


Everything you’ll learn comes together in the Midlife Design Portfolio, an easy-to-follow, downloadable guide that’ll help you get the most from the tools in The Midlife Design Suite. Rate yourself in key areas, become your own forecaster, and create a personalized design for a life you love. 


Boost your momentum from day one when you find out The Big Mistake That's Getting Between You and a Life You Love. Learn why you might not even realize you're making this mistake, and get immediate-action strategies to make your life better fast!


Start designing the life you imagine for yourself with a collection of downloadable, must-have tools. Choose easy daily steps to create a new way of living that’ll become second nature to you. You’ll be different without even having to think about being different!

Stop wishing for a better life. Start living one instead!


Get The Midlife Design Suite for just $27!



Get weekly emails for 10 weeks to support, inspire and motivate you! Each email features timely tips to keep you upbeat and on track. 

Value: $99

You’ve tried dieting and exercise, but you just can’t lose those extra midlife pounds. Even if you’re making the best food choices and sweating through sessions with your personal trainer, you might be sabotaging your own efforts!

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The way you spend your morning sets the stage for the rest of the day. Create a personalized routine that makes every morning your best one yet!

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All this for only $27! Yes, please!

“I was sad knowing that if I didn't change, my life would always be the same. The little positive changes I'm making every day are getting me closer to the life I want to have. My relationship with my husband has gotten better, and my family has noticed a difference in me. I've learned how to feel better about everything.”  — Lori S 

We might’ve just met, but I bet we have a lot in common. Like you, I didn't want to spend the rest of my life wishing I had a better one.

I was in my early 50s and, on the surface, my life seemed pretty amazing. I had a successful career as a romance and suspense author (I even had an Amazon bestseller!). I was happily married, and my health was good, too. 

But my life had become a never-ending to-do list—with all the writing deadlines, marketing, conferences, a house to keep, meals to cook, trying to keep myself fit and healthy, and more.

And there were so many people I wanted to be there for. I was determined to do all the things for all those people, because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

When I tried to do anything fun—like hiking and biking and travelling—it rarely felt like fun anymore. Because I couldn’t relax and stop thinking about the things on my never-ending to-do list that weren’t getting done!  

Clearly I wasn’t in control of my life. My life was in control of me.

Before long, anxiety started causing dangerous spikes in my blood pressure that landed me in the emergency room, facing the threat of a stroke. 

Something had to change, or my anxiety might steal my pretty amazing life! 


Thankfully, I didn’t have a stroke. But I definitely got a wake-up call. And I got serious about fixing my life.

I tried a lot of new things—like reading self-help books, journaling, meditation and affirmations. Those things helped a little, but the big change I wanted just wasn’t happening.

I got overwhelmed with all of the information out there and all the strategies I could try. And I ended up in the emergency room again!

I realized that just randomly trying all the things wasn’t going to lead me to the healthier life I wanted. 

That’s when I tried life coaching, and began to understand the mistakes I was making—some without even realizing it. Then I learned how to fix them! 

I created a life I love by making small changes every day. Soon, those small changes added up to bigger ones that no longer felt like things I had to do, but things I wanted to do. They became new habits that are now second nature in my happier, healthier life.

The strategies I learned made that happen with amazing ease. I was so excited to share them with others that I became a certified health and life coach, and created The Midlife Design Suite to help women like you make the rest of your life the best of your life, too!  





I want to help every midlife woman design a life they love, but… 

The Midlife Design Suite isn’t for everyone.  

You’d rather stay stuck where you are and spend the rest of your life wishing you had a better one.  

You’re not an action-taker.

You’re a “certain age,” so you’d rather focus on what you think you can’t do anymore, instead of what you can! 

You’re comfortable staying uncomfortable in your life.

You don't want another moment to go by with things in your life staying the same.

You want to design a life you love (fast!).

You want to say goodbye to excuses, bad habits and sneaky self-sabotage.

You’re excited to try proven tools that’ll help you change your life for the better FOREVER!

Fix your life with The Midlife Design Suite!

Start redesigning your life now for just $27!

“I thought I was too old to really change my life. Besides, I didn’t know how. Then I thought I wouldn’t have time to do the coaching work, but it didn’t take long at all and it was so valuable. Now I get why I haven’t been able reach my goals. I needed to change my thinking first, and now I’m losing the weight.” — Cindy M 

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(Mid)life can be tough.

Change isn't easy.

But sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be.  

The Midlife Design Suite will make creating a life you love easier for you.

Get it now, and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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You can create a life you love by making small changes every day.  If you take action, you'll see results.  But you'll also need patience!  Making lasting change is a process.  Everyone's results are unique, so I can't promise you specific outcomes. 

But I can offer you my 7-Day Risk-Free Guarantee!  Take an entire week to check out The Midlife Design Suite and use the tools in your life.  If you aren't satisfied with what you're learning or the content you received, just email me at [email protected] and I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked!